Blackview A7 Pro Android 7.0 smartphone for just £69.99! Here’ s what i think!

My first phone review! Here i have a phone built in Hong Kong by a little known company called Blackview!

Introducing the Blackview A7 Pro, delivered to me from Amazon through my prime account. I buy these items to review so you don’t have to!

This is a great start especially that we don’t have to wait 20+ days for a delivery from China coupled with fantastic customer support from Amazon if needed!

The Blackview A7 Pro comes in several colours so pick one as you feel.



Brief Specs-

  • 2gb RAM
  • 16GB Rom
  • 1.3mhz quad core cpu
  • Finger Print Reader
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • 8mp+ 0.3mp dual rear camera and led flash
  • Dual Sim
  • Micro SD card slot for storage expansion
  • GPS
  • 2500mah battery
  • 4G Compatible

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Lets go from the start..

Opening the box, inside is the phone itself, usb lead, mains charger and gel case. The phone already has a screen protector fitted which is an added bonus.

The phone is thick bodied and  quite weighted but in the hand feels like a reasonable quality phone.  No buttons on the front,just power and volume up/down buttons on the side.

Flip over where you will find the dual camera,flash and fingerprint reader. Pop off the textured rear cover and Insert a sim or two into the dual sim card ports. Maybe add extra storage to its storage via a micro sd card slot. Behind this cover you will also find a 2500mah removable battery. About industry standard these days and was enough for a days of moderate usage for me.

So is the Blackview A7Pro any good?…I think so…for the money

Well switching it on, shows a very nice clear bright screen. Not market leading but when we are talking a 70 quid phone what should we expect?! But here my expectations have been exceeded. The screen really does show off the fancy operating system of Android 7.0 quite well. An operating system that has yet to come to my Moto z or Lg G5. These two previous flagship phones which  both still retail at 4-6 times the cost of the A7. So a bonus point here

The operating system runs fast and fluid without any slowdowns or jerkyness through menus and apps. This may occur when loaded up with lots of apps etc, but on first review all is good.

Home ,back and menu buttons are simple touch buttons on the lower panel and work well.

16gb Onboard storage so enough for a day to day phone but you can add 32gb via micro sd card easily enough

Just one speaker on the rear which is actually quite loud and decent but can distort a little if pushed to high. Quite easy to cover speaker cutouts on rear case so be sure not to otherwise you may muffle the sound.

Finger print reader works well and fast to operate.

Gps also works quite well,about a minute to lock on and stayed accurate and fluid for my journey to work via google maps.

So everything was quite good until here……Camera.


As with every Chinese phone i have seen this is the let down, these cheaper Android phones just haven’t cracked the decent camera yet!

Its ok/decent in good light as you can see from some of these examples. In low light very poor really just as is the front facing camera.. So camera is just ok really.

There are some modes that with a tweak can improve things so feel free to mess. It appears to use the dual camera as one main camera as colour RGB sensor and the second as a black and white (monochrome) Don’t confuse this with the LG dual for wide angle.

So instead of blabbering… let me summarise..

  • Speed and Performance- Fast and fluid. Very much Impressed
  • Screen- clear and bright for money. No complaints here
  • Sound- Actually volume can be raised very loud- can distort when very loud but perfectly acceptable
  • Battery -Very Reasonable for smart phone- expect a day at least
  • Storage- 16gb onboard is great plus additional 32gb expansion
  • GPS Works Perfectly
  • Fingerprint- Works well and fast
  • Camera- Ok at best really-expected with value Chinese phones
  • Price+Value- £69.99 Inc delivery. I believe is great value for this phone.
  • Very functional for everyday tasks. Not flagship certainly but a brand new phone phone with these specs for just £69.99. Great value i believe

In real world figures i firmly believe this to be a decent smartphone, certainly a great buy for a first smartphone, an upgrade from a lower spec or simply a take away phone.Take abroad and not worry about losing that £1000 iPhone X or £700 Samsung S8.

Check Out my youtube video below showing a quick shakedown of the phone as i got it.  Excuse my poor touches as im not left handed!

As before you can pick the Blackview A7 Pro up from Amazon next day for £69.99 with UK support just click the link below to take you there.

Its also available from other Chinese electronics suppliers such as Gearbest at just £59.99 but expect longer shipping times and possibly VAT charges to the UK guys.


Just click  Any of the below pictures to take you to either Amazon or Gearbest

Gearbest BlackView A7 Pro at Gearbest
BlackView A7 Pro at Gearbest

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